Holter ECG -custo flash 501

Langzeit-EKG - custo flash 501
  1. Rechargeable battery with a runtime of up to 7 days
  2. Comfortable to wear due to its slim design and low weight
  3. Short wires for artefactfree recording
  4. Protected position of memory card
  5. custo sensive: the skin-friendly electrode

custo flash 501 is the Holter ECG recorder for facility sharing and evaluation centres. With two ECG channels and short, integrated ECG wires for artefact-free 24 hours of ECG recording. The slim design of the recorder and the use of only three self-adhesive electrodes per recording session are features that provide high wearing comfort and favourable operating costs. In line with this system, the custo sensive self-adhesive electrodes ensure optimum ECG signal quality, best skin compatibility and high efficiency.