custo med

Innovative system solutions for
cardiopulmonary diagnostics


Since 1982, our brand has been well-known for innovative system solutions in cardiopulmonary diagnostics. In cooperation with committed and competent sales and service partners we offer professional solutions taking account of your individual organisational requirements and IT structures.       MORE


Highlights from the custo world


The most intelligent Holter analysis:
Deep learning in ECG diagnostics

Some call it artificial intelligence, we call it deep learning. Our validated neural network which has been trained and tested on several million ECG samples achieves unprecedented detection accuracy. MORE


custo diagnostic 5.9: Your diagnostic
platform for the future (MDR)

Our MDR-certified custo diagnostic software platform integrates the entire cardiopulmonary diagnostics in a standardized and modular interface. It enables you to achieve a perfect workflow in all areas of application. MORE


Haemodynamic phenotypes - a new approach to precision medicine in
hypertensive patients

Arterial hypertension varies from patient to patient. Our new clinically validated phenotype analysis provides cardiovascular parameters for the first time to track down the cause of hypertension. MORE



custo med in high-performance operation

With deeply integrated digitalised logistics and diagnostic workflows, our high-performance users achieve a high throughput of high-quality diagnostic services with efficient personnel deployment. A success story. MORE