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custo holter ABPM

Synchronous recording of Holter and ABPM: The combination of custo screen 300/310 and custo guard holter is the perfect solution for simultaneous recording of Holter and ABPM. The system provides high wearing comfort without disturbing and artefact prone Holter cables.


Holter device custo guard holter:

  • 3-channel lead without any cables
  • Up to 72 hours recording time
  • Pacemaker detection

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Innovative electrodes custo wing:

  • Easy placement due to snap fasteners
  • Ergonomic shape and adhesive on the whole surface, for extraordinary recording quality
  • Perfect for Holter ECG thanks to particular material properties

ABPM recorder custo screen 300/310:

  • Extremely robust recorder for long product life cycle
  • Validated according to ESH-IP 2010
  • Measuring the central blood pressure with custo screen 310

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Bramlage, P., Deutsch, C., Krüger, R., Wolf, A., Müller, P., Zwingers, T., Beime, B. & T. Mengden (2014): Validation of the custo screen 400 ambulatory blood pressure-monitoring device according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010. Vascular Health and Risk Management 10: 303-309.


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