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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

custo screen 310

ABPM recorder for measuring central blood pressure and pulse wave! Up to a third of all hypertension patients remain undetected or get limited treatment with conventional blood pressure measurement on the upper arm. In ABPM, it is the central blood pressure that provides comprehensive view of the actual blood pressure situation, as it directly affects the organs. custo screen 310 determines the central blood pressure using the validated Antares algorithm.


  • High measurement accuracy
    Our solution provides a very high coherence with invasively measured values.
  • Validated procedure
    Accuracy has been proved in a multicentre validation study (according to ARTERY protocol).
  • All-in-one device
    The central and brachial blood pressure values, including a pulse wave analysis as single measurement and as 24-hour measurement (ABPM) are available in one device.
  • No additional examinations
    The pulse wave analysis is made automatically during the standard blood pressure measurement.
  • Skin-friendly, easy-to-disinfect, synthetic cuff available in sizes S to XXL (latex-free)
  • High-quality double tube system for significant reduction of motion artefacts
  • Efficient energy management enables recordings up to 72 hours
  • Night mode for a restful sleep
  • Low-noise pump valve unit for patient-friendly measurement
  • Adaptive algorithm for gentle measurement
  • Robust recorder with high-performance components for a long product life cycle
  • Fast data transfer from the recorder to the PC


  • custo multi com / com IR for wireless transmission
  • Hygiene set custo screen protect
  • Various cuffs
  • Carrying bag and belt
  • Disposable bags custo clean SC


Dörr, M., Richter, S., Eckert, S., Ohlow, M.-A., Hammer, F., Hummel, A., Dornberger, V., Genzel, E., Baulmann, J. (2019): Invasive Validation of Antares, a New Algorithm to Calculate Central Blood Pressure from Oscillometric Upper Arm Pulse Waves. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 8 (7): 1-15