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+++ We are there: ESH Milan Jun 23 – Jun 26 2023 +++ ESC Amsterdam Aug 25 – Aug 28 2023 +++


eHealth (Electronic Health) includes all tools and services on ICT basis (Information and Communication Technology) relating to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, supervision and administration in public health. The introduction of eHealth technologies in the German health sector was regulated by the eHealth law of 2015. custo med is a pioneer in the field of eHealth applications and, as a company specializing in diagnostic system solutions, already offers a number of products.

Holter ECG for multi-user evaluation systems

The model for evaluation communities is a doc-to-doc application, in which general practitioners initiate Holter ECG examinations and send them to a cardiologist after recording. The cardiologist creates the report and sends it back to the internal medicine specialist. Over time, evaluation communities with hundreds of senders have come into existence.

custo med provides the software solution for the easy-to-handle recording and the GDPR-compliant data exchange between the sender (normally the general practitioner) and the person creating the report (normally the cardiologist).



The Basque public health authority operates 13 hospitals and around 300 ambulatory health centres. In the hospitals and in many ambulatory centres, resting ECG recordings are performed with custo med. More than 1000 users have access to these workstations via a web-based application.

The protected (VPN, PW) access via Webviewer allows using nearly the complete functional range of the custo med resting ECG. Among other things, the ECG view and different views (3x4+1 and 2x6+1), variable writing speeds and amplitudes, trends, measured values, summary complexes, report options, patient information, patient search etc. are supported.

The Webviewer allows the authorized users to access the resting ECG evaluations at any time and from any web-capable workstation.

custo gluco-app

The custo gluco-app is an interactive patient diary for use on smartphones, iPhones and iPads (Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 8 or higher).

The patient can use the custo gluco app for fast and comfortable documentation of blood glucose values, meals, administered insulin doses and activities during the day. The measured blood glucose values are transferred from the measurement device to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The custo gluco-app transmits the data entered by the patient automatically and completely encrypted to the GP as soon as an internet connection is established.

The transferred data are automatically entered in the patient's evaluation and all additional information (photos from meals, insulin, etc.) is shown as icons in the charts.
In order to enable the above-mentioned flow, the general practice needs internet connection and access to the custo cloud server. This is an external data server via which the patient data can be sent and called up, in encrypted and anonymized form.