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+++ We are there: DGIM Wiesbaden Apr 13 – Apr 16 2024 +++

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling

Proper disposal of e-waste is an important issue as it contains valuable raw materials that can be sustainably recycled and thus preserved. Find out about the numerous ways in which you too can dispose of electronic waste easily and correctly.

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How do you recognize that a device falls under the ElektroG?

All electrical and electronic equipment brought onto the European market must be marked with this symbol.


This symbol indicates that the device in question should not be disposed of with household waste at the end of its service life but should be disposed of separately from unsorted municipal waste.


Waste electrical equipment disposal (information on the take-back obligation)

Distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are legally obliged to take back old equipment free of charge.

Old devices may be refused if they pose a risk to human health and safety due to contamination.

We therefore ask you to disinfect your custo med device to be disposed of in accordance with the requirements, before sending it back to us or before returning it to your specialist dealer.


Where can I still hand in old electronic devices?


1. Is your old device still in good condition or can it be repaired? Donating to a charity can be a good option for reuse.

2. Your device is broken? Defective devices can be handed in at the collection points of public waste disposal authorities (collecting points of the cities/municipalities - recycling centres) or at the collection points set up by manufacturers and distributors within the meaning of the ElektroG.

Please note the following important information!

Data protection: In any case, you are responsible for ensuring that there is no personal data on the old devices you return. Therefore, make sure that you have deleted your personal data from your old device before returning it.

Batteries/Rechargeable batteries in devices: Remove (if non-destructively possible) all batteries and rechargeable batteries from the devices and take them to the environmentally friendly battery disposal.


custo med GmbH is registered with the "Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register" (EAR).

The EAR is the common body of manufacturers within the meaning of the ElektroG and has been entrusted by the Federal Environment Agency with the performance of sovereign tasks. Within this framework, the foundation registers the manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment and coordinates the provision of collection containers and the collection of old equipment from the public waste disposal authorities (örE).