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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

custo screen pediatric

Safe diagnostics for pediatric cardiology: custo screen pediatric is the first ABPM recorder worldwide for measurement in children, validated according to the stringent requirements of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH-IP 2010). The specially developed measurement technology improves artefact suppression significantly.


  • Special pump with reduced volume when inflating, for a gentler measurement process
  • High safety due to double pressure relief valve
  • Special child cuffs with low volume
  • Threshold values for children according to pediatric cardiology guideline
  • Exchangeable top covers with set of motifs


  • custo multi com / com IR for wireless transmission
  • Hygiene set custo screen protect
  • Various cuffs
  • Carrying bag and belt
  • Disposable bags custo clean SC
  • Exchangeable top covers with set of motifs


Beime, B., Deutsch, C., Krüger, R., Wolf, A., Müller, P., Hammel, G. & P. Bramlage (2017):  Validation of the custo screen pediatric blood pressure monitor according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010. European Journal of Pediatrics 176: 573–580