Holter ECG

custo flash 500/510/510V

custo flash 500/510/510V is our classic Holter ECG recorder with three channels and integrated ECG cables for continuous ECG recording up to seven days without battery change. In line with this, there are differentelectrodes to provide optimum ECG signal quality and best skin compatibility. The recorder can be applied in just a few steps and allows fast and safe routines for the practice staff and the patients. 1-2-3 – ready!


  • Robust construction for long lifetime
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Low operating costs and long lifetime:record 7 x 24 hours with only one battery cycle
  • Short cables for artefact-free recording
  • Skin-friendly adhesive electrodes
  • Slim design and low weight for comfortable wearing with the neck belt
  • Protected position of memory card
  • custo flash 500/510V with integrated pacemaker detection
  • custo flash 510V for ANS diagnostics


  • Neck and chest belt
  • Various bags
  • Adhesive electrodes custo wing and custo sensive
  • Disposable bags custo clean FL
  • Card reader
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Charger