Resting/Stress ECG

custo cardio 400 accu

custo cardio 400 accu is the new, battery-operated 12-channel resting and stress ECG with integrated suction unit. It can be wirelessly integrated into your WiFi network and is thus independent of the conditions on site. Due to the exchangeable, reusable suction electrodes, a hygienic and sustainable application is guaranteed.


  • Hygiene certificate of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene
  • Suction capacity in six steps (0 - 280 mbar)
  • Perfect data transfer via USB and BT
  • Coloured view of the different modes
  • No room dependency, can thus be applied with full flexibility and mobility
  • More than 100 resting ECGs with one battery charge
  • The robust custo move telescopic arm, designed for mobile use, completes the system and is easy-to-handle and hygienically optimised due to hidden cables

Reusable electrodes

  • Gentle application due to adapted suction pressure
  • Electrodes and suction lines can be easily exchanged
  • Cleaning of suction lines by automatic blowing after each examination


  • Reusable suction electrodes in various designs
  • Exchangeable suction lines
  • Different telescopic arms for use on the equipment cart or for wall mounting