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Holter ECG

custo flash 501

custo flash 501 is our easy and robust Holter ECG recorder for multi-user evaluation centres. In line with this, we offer the custo wing or custo sensive self-adhesive electrodes for optimum ECG signal quality and best skin compatibility. The recorder can be applied in just a few steps and allows fast and safe routines for the practice team and the patients.


  • Easy, safe data transfer
  • Manual start without software
  • Robust design for long lifetime
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Low operating costs and long lifetime
  • Short cables for artefact-free recording
  • Skin-friendly adhesive electrodes
  • Slim design and low weight for comfortable wearing with the neck belt
  • Protected position of memory card


  • Neck and chest belt
  • Various bags
  • Adhesive electrodes custo wing and custo sensive
  • Disposable bags custo clean FL
  • Card reader
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Charger