Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab totally easy!

To perform an effective rehab, you need a perfect ECG, various training devices and good software. With these three “ingredients” and the patient, a complete cardiac rehab is possible.

Patient with real-time ECG
Training device
(e. g. ergometer, treadmill, stepper, exercise ball)
PC-System with custo rehab

New possibilities in cardiac rehabilitation

The patient receives just a small, light-weight ECG module which is clamped to a textile washable ECG belt, without cables. The patient wears the ECG module on the body during the whole rehab training. Consequently, the ECG recording is not bound to any endurance training equipment and the therapist has free choice of training devices.

ECG in real-time – anytime and anywhere!

All data can be monitored by means of real-time ECG via a central monitor, from which up to 16 patients can be observed simultaneously. The system is also available as outdoor version with a mobile solution.

Outdoor training with custo rehab

Use the full version of custo rehab for mobile supervision of outdoor training on any Windows tablet or notebook. All the equipment is supplied with custo long range guard so that the patients can always be monitored in real-time, even when training outdoors.

  • Cardiac monitoring of outdoor training, simultaneously and in real-time
  • Observing a complete training ground with notebook or tablet, safely and easily
  • Coverage up to 300 metres
  • Fast and automatic starting of a whole training group
  • Long-range coverage

For more safety and security –
the digital rehab workflow in just 4 guidelines

  • Fast: seamless workflows via HL7, DICOM and GDT
  • Safe: clear, paperless flows for all examinations
  • Modern: flexible, manufacturer-independent device concept
  • Mobile: fully synchronised rehab workflows, optionally in WiFi infrastructure
  • Scalable: modular concept with transparent licence model
  • Safe investment: manufacturer-independent rehab management and integration of legacy system
  • Future-proof: subsequent HIS integration is possible at any time


custo diagnostic

In custo diagnostic, the entire cardiopulmonary functional diagnostics is integrated in one consistent and modular user interface. Our central software platform allows you to work consistently in all applications - from the single-user workstation to the multi-site solution.

Cardiac rehab in custo diagnostic

The rehab module (custo rehab) of custo diagnostic includes a number of useful features. It is available in various configuration levels.


  • Exercise station independent, continuous ECG monitoring of patients on up to 16 exercise stations
  • Integration of already existing rehab training equipment and support of manual devices such as cross trainer, rowing machine, exercise ball, treadmill
  • Fast creation of training profiles with the input wizard
  • Freely configurable wallboard for clear view of all active patients
  • Preparation of training and patient administration also during active training
  • Acoustic and optical cues
  • Upgrade options for complete cardiac stress testing