Blood Glucose Meter System - Software

24-hour view
Here, the doctor can detect systematic fluctuations of blood glucose values depending on time of day (e. g. regular increase of values in the evening approaching 6 pm, increased values in the morning after breakfast, broad dispersion of values in the morning, etc.).

View pre/post variability
This view shows the average trend of blood glucose values (preprandial versus postprandial) at the defined points in time (“Breakfast”, “Lunch”, “Dinner”, “Night”). The grey lines/bars show the distribution of measured values. If a limit value (adjustable) is exceeded, the field will be coloured in red. The significance of the chart corresponds approximately to that of the standard day (increase always after dinner, decrease always during the night, etc.).

View annual trend
The chart shows the blood glucose values and pre/post variability over the complete past year (back from today). It gives an excellent overview of the quality of the patient’s medical treatment (good: values scatter to a small extent and are in the white target corridor). The chart can be used very well in the communication with the patient because it is easy to interpret and to understand.

View hypoglycaemia
Here, hypoglycaemias are shown (for diabetics very dangerous low levels of glucose) in the selected period with reference to time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, night), with the purpose to avoid dangerous hypoglycaemias.

View blood glucose trend
Shows the effective blood sugar values over the selected period with values above/below the defined limits.

View blood glucose statistics
Shows statistical data as to the measured blood sugar values, for example the portion of preprandially, postprandially or generically measured values, the portion of blood sugar values above or below the defined limit values, etc.