custo diagnostic clinical workflow

  1. Patient data and order information are transferred to the database via the highly flexible HL7 interface or DICOM worklist query.
  2. Patient demographics orders
  3. The job list presents all examination orders. The medical technician starts the further process with a click.
  4. Diagnostic software systems of other vendors can be integrated via custo connect. Finished examination reports can be imported directly into the custo diagnostic patient record.
  5. Existing compatible ECG writers of other manufacturers can be comfortably integrated into the workflow via the SCP / FDA-XML interface.
  6. In combination with custo med devices, the custo diagnostic system represents the central and consistent platform for all cardiopulmonary examinations in functional diagnostics.
  7. The satellite feature of custo diagnostic allows examinations at the patient’s bedside or at remote locations. The worklist and examination functionality are also available in offline mode. The mobile system synchronises itself automatically as soon as the hospital network is re-connected. With mobile custo med solutions or already existing on-site medical carts examinations can be made directly at the patient’s bedside, independent of energy and network.
  8. The customised evaluation search provides direct access to a list of open reports
  9. Fast and comfortable generation of reports through freely definable text modules.
  10. Report
  11. The finished report including measured values is transferred to HIS or PACS via HL7 or DICOM.
custo diagnostic clinical