Pulmonary Function - Software

The optimum patient posture is a prerequisite for obtaining usable measurement results. custo spiro mobil or custo spiro air determine the patient’s posture by means of an inclination sensor in real-time and present it graphically. The automatic review of the upright posture enables reproducible results.

During the measurement all relevant data can already be seen on the screen. Due to several curve displays, the quality of the patient’s cooperation can be evaluated immediately. Up to 6 repetitions of a measurement allow the physician to select the best measurement and to recognise suboptimal patient cooperation easily.

Lung age
The automatic calculation of the lung age (according to the guidelines of the German Respiratory Tract League e.V.) serves as a communication basis for talking with the patient about his or her current health condition.

Miller’s Prediction Quadrant
The Miller’s Prediction Quadrant provides a simple graphic prognosis of respiratory disorders and their severity. The quadrants are divided into obstruction and restriction and the cross marks the point for which the test results are characteristic.

Review of progress
The progress review provides an overview of reproducibility of several measurement series within an examination and their documentation. This procedure provides an objectified statement on measured values, especially in doctor’s offices with occupational focus, for example if work-related influences are to be excluded.

Child animation
The child animation Schnaufi, der Drache (Schnaufi the dragon) is a motivation tool, not only for children.

Provocation or spasmolysis are measurement methods with which deteriorations or improvements of respiratory function can be tested and documented, by giving drugs.

The comparative function serves as long-term overall survey of the patient’s health condition.