ABPM - Software

Summary of ABPM recording
In addition to the graphic display of the blood pressure curve, all measured values (systole, diastole, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure amplitude etc.) are presented numerically.

Tabular display
The tabular display points out an overview of all performed measurements. The recordings from the patient’s diary can be taken over to the table easily. Among other things, the table shows the weighted average, the standard deviation and the proportional nocturnal dipping.

Comparison of evaluations
An efficient review for evaluating a drug therapy can be easily done by comparing two evaluations. Any preliminary examinations can be compared with the current examination precisely in time.

Overview of several evaluations
It is equally possible to evaluate a long-term therapy with the custo screen program. All the recordings of a particular patient are presented side by side in the time-dependent course. Individual evaluations can be targeted and accessed at any time.

Risk stratification
This additional module combines blood pressure severity with cardiovascular risk factors and determines the patient’s individual risk according to these parameters. The definition of blood pressure severity and the classification of risk factors are in accordance with the current guidelines of the German Hypertension League (DHL)

Risk factors
The risk factors are selected by simply clicking the checkboxes. They are saved and automatically integrated into the evaluation when further recordings are made. If risk factors change an adaption can be made at any time.

Automatic proposal
In the proposal, the classification and the severity of hypertension, the nocturnal blood pressure behaviour and the risk factors are indicated. Furthermore, the risk in percentage for heavy cardiovascular disease within the next 10 years is displayed. This proposal can be automatically taken over into the EPR system.

custo holter ABPM - Holter ECG + ABPM
Holter ECG and ABPM are displayed as a 24-hour trend after having been downloaded and analysed. The Holter ECG additionally includes display and frequency of the events. From this start page you can change to the detailed views and analysing functions.


The printout summarises the single values in a chart and presents the measured value table, the risk evaluation and the proposal clearly arranged on a DIN A 4 page.