Resting / Stress Test ECG - custo cardio 200

custo cardio 200 sets new standards in functionality, operability, quality of data transfer and in the field of hygiene. Exchangeable, re-usable electrodes assure that every patient gets a hygienically impeccable electrode. It is not necessary to go through any time-consuming disinfection procedures or residence times. Following nature’s example, our engineers have managed to implement the unmatched functionality of an octopus sucker into the orbiters of custo cardio 200. As a result, the system can reduce the required suction pressure significantly. This is definitely a convenience feature for patients.

custo cardio 200
  1. Spike electrode: contact spikes for measurement over the total electrode surface for signal averaging. Self-adhering, bionic form. Soft, extremely light material.
  2. Medical Blue Tooth for wireless ECG transmission
  3. “2 in 1” ECG + suction unit, with hygiene certificate, digital pacemaker detection and defibrillation protection
  4. Suction lines can be exchanged easily due to plug-in system

custo cardio 200 is a resting/stress test ECG and a suction unit all in one. This technological innovation sets standards in functionality, operability and quality of data transfer. custo cardio 200 is the only suction system that has passed a clinical hygiene test. After intensive, comparative test series custo cardio 200 has been awarded the hygiene certificate of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene, as the only product. Due to its bionic features the electrode can be applied quickly and safely. It is not necessary to shave skin, thanks to the spiked, patented contact areas. The gentle application automatically reduces suction pressure to the required minimum. Workflow is optimised due to PC control and the automatic detachment of electrodes after the recording has been finished. The integrated ventilation programme of the suction lines increases life span of the system.

  • The only suction system with hygiene certificate of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene
  • Skin-friendly application, perfect for patients taking anticoagulant drugs
  • Automatic suction power regulation (gentle application)
  • Patented, spiked contact areas
  • Quick application of electrodes and automatic detachment
  • Options of mobile use
  • Electrodes and suction lines can be easily exchanged
  • ECG and suction unit in one device

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