Resting / Stress Test ECG - custo cardio 300

custo cardio 300 is the brand-new 12-channel resting/stress test ECG device for all-round and mobile use. custo cardio 300 allows an easy and intuitive workflow. The integrated LEDs provide information on the ECG signal quality – individually for each channel. The ECG recording can be started by clicking directly on the device and an integrated countdown for a 10-second ECG is visible by means of LED. With the enhanced pacemaker detection, the new custo true wave® filters, a sampling rate up to 32 kHZ and the modular handling system (different cables, BT, USB, etc.), the new custo cardio 300 becomes a "must-have" in any doctor’s office and hospital.

  • Sampling rate up to 32 kHz for higher resolution and improved pacemaker detection
  • Exchangeable patient cable (banana plug, electrode clips, connection to a suction unit)
  • Online ECG quality check including display directly on the device
  • Start/Stop key for ECG recording directly on the device
  • Battery runtime approx. 10 h
  • Countdown display for 10-second ECG directly on the device
  • Mobile use on all PCs (USB, BT/WiFi)
  • Recording, view, analysis and report generation of a 12-channel ECG on each PC in the network
  • Online analysis and view of heart rate-related and ventricular events during the recording
  • Pacemaker detection
  • custo true wave® Filter
  • Easy and cost-effective extension to CPET

Product Information