Resting / Stress Test ECG - Software

ECG overview
In the ECG overview the ECG is displayed in a 12-channel system over the complete recording period. This view allows the setting of amplitude, speed and channel selection individually, so that all details of each lead can be interpreted precisely. The zoom function and the calipers are helpful for parameter calculation. Parts of the ECG can be marked and thus be found again immediately. It is possible to compare two arbitrary resting ECGs by using the comparison function.

Beats of a defined area of the ECG are marked by default, which are later used for parameter calculation. It is possible for the user to modify the selection of these beats. This allows receiving a measurement of the recorded ECG that is adapted to the user’s needs.

Cumulative complexes
This view displays the already measured cumulative complexes of the ECG in a 12-channel mode. The set measurement lines specify the measuring points of each cumulative complex. So the user can quickly recognize changes in a QRS complex.

Measurement table
The tabular display of the measured values offers a general overview of all determined parameters, as for example axis position, times and amplitude values of each measuring point. They are clearly displayed on one screen.

Cumulative complex single display
In the single complex display the cumulative complex of a channel is at first shown enlarged. With the help of movable measurement lines the user is able to redetermine the measuring points manually. An overlay function arranging the cumulative complexes of all channels on top of each other, serves to determine the measuring points exactly. The vector loop of the ECG is automatically displayed.

Report manager
Due to the text modules which can be generated individually, the report manager offers an effective facility to create reports that are timesaving, precise and significant. It is possible to allocate arbitrary texts to four groups with eight function keys each. Within these texts various variables can be incorporated, containing measured values and indications as to the corresponding evaluation. The best way to write a complete report text - quickly and safely.

Stress Test Overview
n the stress test summary all data and the recorded 12-channel ECG are clearly displayed on a screen. All described functions are available as with the resting ECG. In addition, the ST table and the recorded ST segment of each channel can be displayed. The cumulative complex display, the measured value table and the single complex display are available for each single load step. The step comparison function allows the comparison of arbitrary load steps within the stress test. The ECG display as well as the cumulative complex display (up to seven views) of the load steps can be compared to each other.

Network Monitoring
By means of network monitoring the physician can monitor a current resting or stress test ECG from his or her workstation simultaneously. All the collected data and the ECG are transferred in real time. It is possible for the physician to supervise the stress test on his monitor without being physically present in the examination room.